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Robbie Raugh


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Robbie Raugh a Registered Nurse, is an internationally known Integrative Heath, Fitness, Nutrition Practitioner. She draws on her 35+ years of experience teaching health, nutrition, and fitness classes, and running her wellness private practice on a daily basis. She also hosts her own radio show on faith, family, food and fitness, The Raw Truth on WDCX radio and ESPN1520 radio, and is co-host of The Keri and Robbie show on WDCX radio, all streaming live world wide. She is seen regularly on ABC TV with her Health and Nutrition Segments and has been featured on ESPN TV. Robbie is also the featured instructor of four Raw Energy Fitness Exercise Videos, and The Kinetic Workout exercise video. She is an international motivational speaker, a dedicated wife and mother who loves the Lord, and is passionate about helping others take care of their temporary earth suit.


School of Integrative Nutrition in NY – Integrative Practitioner/Health Coach ACE – Group Exercise and also Nutrition Cert ACSM – Group Exercise Cert Precision Nutrition Cert Cycling Cert IAR – Institute of Aerobics Research Cert Nutrametrix Consultant Cert


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Robbie Raugh

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