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5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier 2021

5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier 2021

June 18, 2022

With the New Year upon us its the time we start thinking about resolutions - and promising ourselves that this year we will stick to them. In 2021 instead of thinking of resolutions as a win or lose checklist we encourage you to approach them with a new outlook. Choose health and fitness goals with the mindset that they will enrich your quality of life and make every day better. Our 5 hacks won't make you sweat or spur cravings, rather they will help keep you on track and a create a foundation to build on.

1. Nutrify Your Water

Given the fact that most Americans are deficient in micronutrients and under consume water, combining the two will give your body the healthy hydration it needs to perform daily.  Popular brands like NUUN, Republic of Tea, and Skratch labs offer a variety of options that will turn basic water into a fancy infused health drink.


2. Perform A Daily Mind Dump

Emotional fitness is imperative to attain your physical and performance goals.  When your mind gets noisy and stress levels begin to elevate, pull out a pen and create a mind dump list to release some of the mental strain.  Let your thoughts flow, inking all of your daily to-do’s, stressors, goals,time-lines, appointments and anything that is currently causing brain clutter.  You will find increased daily productivity and more restful nights sleep will follow.


3. Oats Aren’t Just For Breakfast

Since this superfood is so easy to make and can be served hot or cold we are huge fans of consuming oatmeal around-the-clock.  Commonly served with sweet toppings like fruit and honey we tend to think of oatmeal as a breakfast only food.  Well, savory oats are a delicious trend that make the ideal “briner” – or breakfast for dinner.   Check out social media, and the web for mouth-watering recipes that include cheese, truffle oils, egg, avocado, cracked pepper and even bacon.  


4. Power Down Before Bed

Winding down and hour before bedtime is key for a sound and restful nights sleep.  Making a habit to power off smart phones, tablets and limiting blue light will help settle the mind and lower your heart rate.  Taking a warm shower or bath before bed, stretching or including meditative breathing will all help you achieve a recovery rich sleep.  Check out free sleep apps like Calm or go one step farther and track your recovery, training and sleep with the industry leading Whoop Strap.


5. Take A Health Hiatus At Work

This one seems simple enough but the majority of us don’t do it. If your job is primarily sedentary be sure to add in a brief five minute break about every hour to get up and stretch, move around or take a lap around the office. If your fitness levels are a bit higher then add in some push-ups, a short yoga pose series or mobility exercises.


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5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier 2021



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