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Beginner's Guide To Building A Fitness Routine

Beginner's Guide To Building A Fitness Routine

September 28, 2023

Walking into the gym intimidated and clueless as to where to begin? We’ve all been there, whether we’d like to admit it or not. The easiest way to ease feelings of anxiety while reaching your fitness goals is to build your own unique routine. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, Catalyst has got your back with the easy to follow guide below. Now, there’s nothing stopping you from crushing your workout. 

  1. Setting Fitness Goals

Before even stepping foot in the gym, the first order of business is to create a list of realistic goals, inclusive of both short-term and long-term goals. Oftentimes, smaller milestones are neglected, but these achievements help to establish consistency, boost confidence in yourself and achieve larger fitness goals. While writing down your list of goals, keep in mind that these should be unique to YOU and your reasons are all your own. It is natural to draw inspiration from others, but personal goals should consider personal factors such as age, injuries, and any other factors that might affect your workout, because face it no one knows you quite like yourself. 

  1. Carving Out Time In Your Schedule 

Life is complex, and in the face of a busy schedule it can be easy to forgo the gym. To keep it consistent, take a pen to paper, find an ideal time in your schedule, and make “appointments” for workouts during those allotted periods of time. Whether that’s a 7 AM run for 60 minutes or a late night lifting session for 30 minutes, you know what works for you and what you’ll commit to. 

  1. Always Have A Plan B

Conflicts are inevitable, life often gets in the way. Don’t let this deter you, instead try to find another pocket of time in the day to exercise and if needed, adjust the amount of time you commit to exercising. For example: slept through your alarm and missed your 60 minute FitLab class? Instead, try to squeeze in a 30 minute pump in Catalyst’s Mecca Room. Having a backup plan helps to keep you consistent and accountable for your time in the gym. 

  1. Take Inspiration From Classes 

A great place for beginners is taking one of the numerous classes offered at Catalyst. The

routines in FitLab and Group Exercise can be a great outline for your own personalized routines, through instructor demonstrations beginners can pick up new moves and ditch the ones that don’t work. These classes are the perfect first step to establishing a foundation for your gym routine, and once that foundation is in place, it is near effortless to expand on it.  ‘

  1. Find Something You Enjoy

Don’t fall victim to dreading your exercise, instead try out different activities and find out

which one suits you best. Luckily, Catalyst has a plethora of locations furnished with cutting-edge equipment, so you can try out any exercise your heart desires. Once you find the one that clicks, gymtime will be something you look forward to and never dread.

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Beginner's Guide To Building A Fitness Routine



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