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Transform Yourself Like Alexis This Black Friday- No Enrollment, No Contract, No Excuses!

Transform Yourself Like Alexis This Black Friday- No Enrollment, No Contract, No Excuses!

November 17, 2023

Black Friday Transformation

24 year old Buffalo resident Alexis Lunn, experienced what a vast amount of us do: body dissatisfaction. Soon her dissatisfaction turned to desire. Desire for a change in her body, lifestyle and physical health. Lunn committed herself to this change over two years ago, and has lost about 75 pounds since. Lucky for us, Alexis provided insight and advice on the hottest questions surrounding fitness transformations, the gym and how her life has completely changed below! Lastly, stay tuned til the end of this article for a sweet treat from Catalyst Fitness just in time for the holidays! 

Catalyst: What is your biggest tip to people looking to achieve a body transformation? 

Alexis: My biggest tip to achieving any kind of body transformation would be that you have to be brutally honest with yourself. You have to be honest about what you want to achieve, your feelings about making a change and ultimately why you are making that change. Once you are honest with yourself, that's when you can start to make the first step into your journey. Honesty starts at the beginning of your journey but also continues until you have reached your goals. 

C: What habits did you implement to unlock your most powerful self? 

A: There are multiple habits I made to ensure that I used my full potential. One habit was that I made a set routine that was consistent and challenging day by day. This routine helped me stay on top of meals, workouts, sleep, and recovery, which all lead to my huge weight loss. Another habit that truly made an impact, not just on my journey, but also with myself, was that I began to be the toughest coach to myself. No matter what the goal was or what I wanted, I told myself that quitting wasn’t an option. If I wanted that PR at squats, I did what I needed to do to get that PR. Once I had that mindset, it became so much easier to reach any goal I set for myself. 

C: What habits did you give up? 

A: Some habits I changed were drinking at every social event, going out to eat and eating whatever I wanted without portion control, staying up past midnight every night, and being afraid of change and challenge. I know these are all pretty basic habits, but that's what my life consisted of at the time. It was habits that needed to be broken because it was negatively impacting the change I wanted. 

C: Did you look to any of Catalyst’s offerings such as GroupX or personal training to help you fulfill your goals? If so, explain your experience?

A: After a few months in Catalyst, I became curious about starting Personal Training. I did lose some weight on my own but I was going through a very hard time in my personal life, so I started to feel lost in what I wanted. So I did my free training with Ryan B and in that one session, I instantly liked having someone who could keep me on track and provide support whenever I needed it. I began my weekly training with Ryan and every session I was so eager to see what challenges he had for me in my workout. Having someone there to push you through every rep and make sure you are following through your workouts, was a huge benefit. One of my favorite parts about having a personal trainer was that I wasn’t the only person who saw my body leaning out and my muscle growth, my trainer saw it too. Even after 2 years of training, we still cheer on every goal I accomplish. Sharing small achievements with someone makes it so fun. 

C: Did you ever have any anxious feelings surrounding working out? How did you overcome them? 

A:  I was an athlete starting at a young age, so I felt comfortable being in a gym but I was very anxious about being in a gym with my new body. I wasn’t at all comfortable with my new body weight and relearning how to move it. The three biggest things that helped me overcome that anxiety was putting headphones that were blaring music on, putting a cute outfit on and having a challenging workout. These three very simple things made me focus on what truly mattered which was showing up and having fun.

C: Did getting healthier give way to positive benefits in other areas of your life? 

A: Being healthier has definitely made positive impacts on my life. It has ultimately given me a sense of freedom that I wasn’t able to achieve before I lost the weight. Freedom to be my best self, freedom to be confident in my abilities to achieve goals whether it’s work related or personal goals, freedom to be able to provide knowledge to others about how I started and that they can also make their change as long as that desire is there. Lastly, my entire journey has grown a passion in me that has led me to work on being a future personal trainer and nutrition coach.

C: Did Catalyst make you feel more empowered in your fitness journey? If so, how? 

A: Catalyst has made a huge impact on my journey to being healthier. From having a personal trainer, friendly and fun staff that I’ve grown to appreciate and trust over the two years, and having a welcoming facility that provides different opportunities for reaching your goals. 

C: Do you feel empowered to help others in your life start a fitness journey? 

A: After two years and counting, I feel very empowered to help others. Seeing my own personal growth has been great, but what’s truly amazing to see is others being able to achieve their goals and push through their own journey.

Do you want to activate your best self like Alexis? Well, Catalyst Fitness has the deals for you. This Black Friday is our biggest sale of the year, no enrollment fee and no contract on ALL memberships. You can call and reserve your presale spot. The deals don’t stop there. We are also offering $25 personal training sessions! This offer is exclusive to new personal training clients and the limit is 20 sessions. With all these sweet deals, what are you waiting for?


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Transform Yourself Like Alexis This Black Friday- No Enrollment, No Contract, No Excuses!



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