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Get Ready to Sweat at Catalyst Fitness’ New Maple Road Location!

Get Ready to Sweat at Catalyst Fitness’ New Maple Road Location!

October 1, 2019

Don’t you wish Buffalo had an athlete-level training facility with all the bells and whistles, but minus the astronomical membership fee? It’s about to.

We’re expanding our reach to meet the needs of all gym goers from seasoned exercisers to inspired beginners in all pockets of Buffalo. Check out what you can expect from the new Catalyst Fitness club on Maple Road in Amherst, then join us for our grand opening later this year!

State-of-the-Art Workout Studios

Like our other clubs, this new location has something for everyone. Get warmed up in our stretching and flexibility zone and then head to one of these dedicated fitness studios for the workout that best fits your current goals.

Training Gym in Buffalo, NY


Push your limits and find out what you’re truly capable of with HIIT workouts, group heart rate training, zone training, advanced classes led by our experienced personal trainers, and more.

Mind & Body Studio

Looking to build physical and mental strength with a focus on body movement and core engagement? Hone your skills in one of our yoga, barre, or mat-style pilates classes.

Indoor Cycling

Boost your endorphins and your heart rate with a high energy spinning style class in our first-class indoor cycling studio!

Group Studio

Get down to business with your fellow exercise junkies in one of our superior group fitness classes. We offer Les Mills classes (BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, SPRINT, etc.), Zumba, step classes, group strength training, and many more multi-level workouts to transform your body and your mind.

Personal Training Studio

Engage in personalized workouts designed to bring you to the next level and surpass your goals with coaching and motivation from our certified trainers.

Elite Personal Training

Our personal training program begins with a complimentary session to zero in on where you’re at, where you want to be, and why you want to get there. From there, our team will design an individualized plan to get you there.

With our trainers, you’ll get more than a killer workout. We’ll make sure you get the inspiration, confidence, and challenge you need to develop abilities you never knew you had and surpass goals you never thought possible. No matter what level you start at, our team will be with you every step of the way until your dream is a reality.

Training Gym in Buffalo, NY

Cutting Edge Amenities

Remember those bells and whistles we mentioned? We weren’t kidding. At Catalyst Fitness, we aim to break your PRs—not the bank. With one of our low-cost memberships, you’ll have access to all of our convenient, luxurious features:

·      Immersive Cardio Cinema

·      Recovery zone with hydromassage chairs & shake bar

·      Childcare

·      Executive-style locker rooms with a dry sauna

We also provide our members with the latest advanced fitness technology for an optimal training experience. At our new location you’ll find:

·      40-yard turf field loaded with sleds, tires, battle-ropes and more

·      Multiple cardio zones featuring over 100 pieces of equipment  

·      7 Dynamic Fitness power racks

·      Athlete-level conditioning area and weight room

·      Bodyweight TRX bands

·      High-tech strength and conditioning equipment

·      5lb-140lb dumbbells

·      Throwdown Training Staircase

Training Gym in Buffalo, NY

Does an elite training facility with access to experts in the field, advanced fitness technology, and deluxe amenities, for a budget-friendly price sound like a pipe dream? Come down and see for yourself at the new Catalyst Fitness club opening in late 2019!

Celebrate the continuation of our story and secure the ultimate workout experience at our forthcoming Maple Road location. Stay tuned for more updates about our official opening day!

Get ready to reap the benefits of our knowledge and passion - and don't expect to leave dry. Click here to see check out our pre-grand opening deals.


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Get Ready to Sweat at Catalyst Fitness’ New Maple Road Location!



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8 Week Fitness Challenge - Find Your RUSH

September 12, 2019

Launches September 23rd, 2019

Exclusively at our French Road location


Have you ever felt a true rush of energy? A feeling of power and confidence?


Have you been searching for a workout routine that you actually enjoy?


Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling energized and excited to start your day?

Finding your rush is all about discovering your passion for fitness and finding your WHY

Our challenge is designed to get you back on track and dedicate the next 8 weeks to you and your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to shed some body fat, lose a few pounds, increase strength, or just get back into a routine... this challenge is for you!

How it Works

·     Set your personal fitness goal for the next 8 weeks

·     Choose to train 2x/week (16 sessions) or 3x/week(24 sessions)

·     Choose the Catalyst trainer of your choice

·     Schedule out your sessions to ensure success

·     Track your progress with three InBody assessments (Week 1, 4, 8)

·     We will design a personalized exercise program that will keep you motivated and hold you accountable

·     Attend all 8 of our BONUS group HIIT training classes every Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

·     Check your inbox to receive weekly tips, inspo,and DIY workouts

·     Get Social! Share your journey from start to finish, be sure to tag your social media posts with #findyourrush. This is your chance to share the excitement and inspire others.


·     16 sessions - $450

·     24 sessions - $600


What you Win

·     Free Find Your Rush t-shirt

·     A chance to win one of TWO $150 VISA gift cards

·     Our top two body composition winners will receive a 25% discount on a future training package


How do I get started?

Contact a Catalyst Fitness Coach to begin your program today. Space is limited. Deadline to enter is September 22nd.

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