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Find Your Reason To Run

Find Your Reason To Run

June 18, 2022

Runners, stop in your tracks. It’s time for a gut check.


Why do you run?


If you answered “to get thin ”— or some variation on that theme — you’re going the distance for the wrong reason.


Like all fitness regimens, losing weight is a desirable byproduct of running. But it shouldn’t drive you to lace up.


When it does, running becomes, well,run-of-the-mill. Rather than experiencing the endorphin-high of hitting your stride, you’ll hit a plateau and risk ditching your routine altogether.


To avoid burnout, run for the right reasons. What are they? Everyone has their own. If you’re stuck, here are five legit reasons to lace up:


1.  For the community

It’s a great way to keep in touch, strengthen bonds, and create new friendships.   Running friends give us motivation and encouragement. They empower us to get out of bed when we don’t feel like running. They understand the ups and downs of the sport, and they don’t judge us for our snot rockets.One of our favorite weekly runs is hosted by lululemon Run Club.


2.  For the competition

Maybe you’re trying to run faster or longer. Perhaps you’d like to attempt your first 5K, 10K, or marathon. Creating a challenging goal helps you discover your physical potential and inspire yourself.  Join team Catalyst September 11th, for the Scrub Run to benefit Mercy Hospital Foundation. 


3.  For your mood

The runners high really does exist, both immediately after a run and in the long term—from the confidence that crossing finish lines gives you that carries over into your daily life. When you accomplish hard things, you realize that you have the strength to not let anything get you down.


4.  For your heart

Running is one of the most heart-healthy exercises around. Just an hour a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by almost half compared to non-runners. No matter the number of miles you log each week, it all adds up to a lower resting heart rate, lower bad cholesterol in your blood and lower blood pressure.


5.  For the energy boost

Even a short run keeps sluggishness at bay, increasing energy, reducing fatigue and helping you sleep like a rock.

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Find Your Reason To Run



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