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Triathlon Training Program

Triathlon Training Program

December 27, 2023

Often our New Year’s resolutions entail recommitting to fitness goals or “finally getting in shape”. The giddiness and excitement is intoxicatingly convincing, but just like years past, these feelings wane and we can lose sight of our goals. Well, this year, instead of feelings of regret, meet new heights at Catalyst Fitness with our eight-week long triathlon training brought to you by AFAA personal trainer, Kara Klaasesz. 

The program runs from January 1st and ends February 17th and entails a 60 to 90 minute spin ride followed by a 30 to 60 minute run in the Fitlab room. Klaasesz intentionally designed this fitness regime to prepare those for Multi-sport events as well as moving them from the bikes to the running portion of the race with efficiency and ease.

Klaasesz, herself, has completed both longform and short form multi-sport races, notably finishing multiple Ironman 70.3 distance races. Klaasesz has found joy in mentoring others to realize their full potential and take these races head on. 

Whether you're an experienced triathlon racer or just curious, Klaasesz’s class could be just the answer for you, exclusively available at our Catalyst on Maple location. 

Gear up for a triumphant journey! 🚴🏃 Join our 8-week Winter Brick Session designed for triathlon enthusiasts or those aspiring to conquer one. Embark on an indoor Bike/Run adventure, featuring a Maple 11:00 video spin to power, including an FTP test to measure your functional threshold power. Lace up for a thrilling run in our fitLAB group exercise  room. Starting 1/1, every Saturday at 11:00 until 2/17. Secure your spot for $160 and make every session count! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 

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Triathlon Training Program



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