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Maple Rd. - Amherst

281 Meyer Road Amherst, NY 14226

Our story continues - Opening late 2019 our newest location measures in at 55,000 sq’. Boasting state of the art equipment, five fitness studios, a 40 yard indoor turf arena, recovery zones, cardio cinema, and luxury locker rooms this club will provide the ultimate workout experience.

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Premier Gym in Amherst, NY

For some people, bigger is better. The Catalyst Fitness club on Maple Road is the state-of-the-art indoor training facility you’ve always dreamed of—right in your own backyard! Coming in at 55,000 square feet, we’ve got everything you need in one convenient location.

Work up a sweat with our advanced fitness equipment.

Trying to beat a new PR for your mile? Or crush your lifting goals? Whatever your ambitions are, Catalyst in Amherst has the elite workout equipment you need to get the job done.

Armed with a field house-style weight room, athletic-inspired conditioning area for ground-based CrossFit training, 35-yard turf with sleds & tires, 8 dynamic fitness power racks, a Throwdown Training Staircase, TRX bands, and over 100 pieces of high-tech cardio equipment, you’d be hard-pressed to walk out of this club without some serious calories burned.

Step up your game with one of our certified personal trainers in Amherst, NY.

Here’s the deal. You tell us what your goals are, we’ll determine where you’re at and how you’ll get there, and you show us what you’ve got. The personal training team at Catalyst Fitness is the best Amherst has to offer. Our experienced coaches are here to guide you with their skill, compassion, and ability to inspire—in our own elite PT studio to boot.

At Catalyst, we understand that true motivation often comes from being around people with the same mindset and shared goals. Stimulate your body and feed your ambition in one of our fun and intense group fitness classes!

Head to the FitLab for one of an exclusive HIIT class, the Mind & Body studio for group yoga classes, or our indoor cycling studio for some high-energy, spinning style cardio. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for an advanced Les Mills, Zumba, aerobics, or strength training class in our designated group studio.

Take advantage of Catalyst’s cutting-edge amenities for the ultimate workout experience.

Our objective here at Catalyst is to offer our members access to luxury amenities for a cost-effective price. These are some of the exclusive comforts you’ll be able to enjoy in our Amherst training facility:

  • Convenient childcare
  • Dedicated flexibility zone
  • Shake bar for post-workout recovery
  • Executive-style locker rooms (private showers, dry sauna, day lockers)
  • Immersive Cardio Cinema
  • Hydromassage beds

Push yourself harder and farther than you ever thought you could go in the best training facility Amherst has to offer. Make the investment in yourself and your progress by signing up for an affordable Catalyst membership today!

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