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Finding the Perfect Fit: Navigating the Gym Apparel Maze with Our Top Picks!

Finding the Perfect Fit: Navigating the Gym Apparel Maze with Our Top Picks!

October 11, 2023

Gym clothes are expensive, and the market is oversaturated with options that seem to blend into one another. To avoid these overwhelming feelings, we rounded up some of our top brands to cater to all your gym needs. 

Budget Friendly Options: 

  1. Gymshark

A known presence in the fitness community, Gymshark offers a range of styles from sweatsuits to body-hugging clothing within a reasonable price range. Their website is easy to navigate, and categorizes which pieces are most optimal for specific exercises.

  1. Vanquish Fitness

In comparison to Gymshark, Vanquish is a touch more expensive, but their

prices still fall into our budget-friendly category. Similar to Gymshark, Vanquish uses 100 percent Polyester in their materials. In addition to their cheap prices, the site also includes heavily discounted fitness and technical wear. 

Best Luxury Option 

  1. ASRV

A brand that melds streetwear and activewear, ASRV focuses intently on the quality of their fabrics to optimize every type of workout. From sweat-wicking hybrid materials to their soft technical blend that provides versatility in movement, ASRV’s quality is well worth the price tag. Not to mention, their fashion forward designs can be worn outside or inside the gym. Lastly, for no-fuss shoppers, ASRV offers pre-designed bundles to take all the thinking out of the process.  

Best Lifting Option: 

To maximize the benefits of lifting or powerlifting is a common sport in the gym, it is best to

opt for loose-fitting clothing for ease of movement.  

  1. Inaka Power

Inaka Power is a one-stop shop for all the lifting essentials. Their range of colorful and

breathable shirts and shorts have been designed with powerlifting in mind. 

In addition to their selection, the brand has a dedicated lifting accessories section consisting of lifting belts, lifting straps, knee belts, and any other needs to get you best prepped for lifting those heavy weights. 

Best Options for Yoga, Pilates and Cardio

Cardio and low-impact workouts require repeated movements. In terms of yoga and pilates, the repeated movements aim to increase flexibility and range whereas cardio is repeated movements over a long or short period of time to improve endurance. The goal of these workouts may be different; the common denominator between the two is the clothing. For both cardio and low-impact exercises, we suggest wearing body-hugging clothing to support the various movements and wick away sweat as needed. 

  1. Lululemon

Well-known Canadian brand, Lululemon focuses on durability and promoting

mindful movement with their pieces. Their performance wear guarantees to stand the 

test of time and their strictly-seamed pants weather all conditions. The brand ‘s

commitment to their mindful movement is down to science, on their website each piece

specifies which exercise it is most optimal for, whether that be running or Yoga. 

  1. Alo Yoga

As their name implies Alo Yoga commits itself to creating the best clothing for yoga. Unlike Lululemon, Alo focuses on the feel of their clothing, thus they utilize softer materials to create a luxurious feeling in their yoga pieces. Alongside their softness, Alo’s pieces hug the body nicely to promote nonrestrictive flow for your yoga practice. Since Alo favored a softer feel to their materials, their pieces are not quite as durable as Lululemon in the face of high-intensity activity. 

  1. Athleta

Out of both Lululemon and Alo Yoga, Athleta is the most economical choice for

Yoga and Pilates clothing. Their entire ethos is to create activewear that

women want to wear, producing the cuts and styles that women feel most

flattered in. Their collection of pieces is vast, even down to a dedicated

swimsuit section. Athleta is committed to ethics and sustainability, their pieces are a

meeting between style and durability. Lastly, similar to another economical option on

our list, Gymshark, Athleta dedicates an entire section of their website to clothing that

is on sale to keep budget in mind.

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Finding the Perfect Fit: Navigating the Gym Apparel Maze with Our Top Picks!



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