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Exciting Things Coming to Catalyst Fitness on Elmwood

Exciting Things Coming to Catalyst Fitness on Elmwood

December 13, 2023

At Catalyst, we strive to put our best foot forward always, so, we are happy to announce the renovation of our Elmwood club. The club will have a plethora of new features to enhance your fitness experience and maximize your potential. 

The Elmwood Club will feature entirely renovated locker rooms which are spacious and decked out with state of the art fixtures. Upon entering, the gym will look completely different with an entirely new turf alongside new Atlantis equipment. Atlantis equipment employs cutting edge technology in their design to enhance fitness performance. It doesn’t stop there though, exclusively for those who have an ultimate membership is the Warrior Room. 

The Warrior Room is an entirely new concept, exclusive to the Elmwood club. It will feature loads of diverse equipment including theraguns, boxing, water bags, power plate vibration training, climbing ropes, Eleiko ring for sport and endurance training, and Olympic lifting platforms.

Hit all the new equipment, but want some extra tone? Catalyst on Elmwood has just what you need with the innovative Beauty Shaper. Designed with 50 red light lamps and a VibroNano vibration plate that provides an invigorating, light-activated environment to stimulate, energize and refresh you from the inside out. The VibroNano vibration is equivalent to 20,000 steps in 11 minutes and benefits muscle tone while improving relaxation.

After toning every last muscle, it's time for much needed recovery. Look no further than the entirely new saunas and human touch massage chairs to restore muscle strength and remedy any aches and pains. 

With all these up to date features, Catalyst on Elmwood truly proves as the place to be for any fitness needs.

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Exciting Things Coming to Catalyst Fitness on Elmwood



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