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Fitness Goals

Cognitive Repairment | Superfood Packed Powerbowl Recipe

Adding superfoods to your daily meals in abundance while eliminating processed foods is a guaranteed mood lifter and lifestyle game changer. The term superfood can be used to describe any food that provides health benefits as a result of exceptional nutrient density. This easy to make, delicious PowerBowl is one of my personal favorites and jam packed with goodness.

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Meditation For Beginners

Combat these stressful times and begin experiencing the benefits of meditation today. Build a life changing habit that will reduce stress, improve mental health and help you find inner peace.

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You Can't Run Until You Walk

You've probably heard the saying that every journey begins with a single step. Well, your fitness journey is no different—and here's why.

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Concentration, Distraction, and Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Do you find yourself succumbing to distraction when trying to reach your goals? We've got some advice to help you realign yourself on your fitness journey.

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Celebrate Your Love of Fitness at the Grand Opening of Catalyst’s Newest Location

Treat yourself to a killer workout, a good time, and maybe even a few prizes for Valentine's Day this year at the Grand Opening weekend for our newest location!

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Continued: 20 Fit Tips for 2020

Thought we'd leave you hanging? Not a chance! Here are the rest of our favorite fitness secrets to help you reach your 2020 goals!

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20 Fit Tips for 2020

2020 is your year to conquer your fitness goals—but only if you work for it. Start with these top fitness tips from an expert!

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The Skinny on Fat Burning

Learn the truth behind the myth of the all-powerful "fat burning zone," and how you'll really start shedding those pounds!

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